Objects can tell us much about the past; about ways of life, culture, values and about ourselves. They can take on vastly different meanings from one person to another – the adage ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ comes to mind. But if you were forced to pack up your life into one small suitcase, what objects would you choose to keep? For many of the people in this project, that was a choice they faced at one time in their lives.

No single object can fully represent a person’s life. However, objects can provide a talking point and a catalyst for remembering particular times and events. That is what we have set out to capture with this project.

Melbourne’s Sephardi community is a small but thriving one, made up of Jewish men and women from Egypt, Iraq, India, Morocco, Turkey, Algeria and Singapore. The stories of their individual journeys to Australia are both similar and unique. Each one of these stories contributes a thread to the fabric of Sephardi life in Melbourne. On this website you will discover but a small sample of the wealth of experience, culture and heritage in this rich community.